Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hearing Aids

Guys, last week I got a call from the Welfare Department that my recent application for the allowance of my hearing aid is approved. I've been applying for it by submitting my application, together with the doctor's report and etc since February 2012, and I is already approved! The application is to help me to reduce my burden. Thanks to them!

Now, the next step is to get the hearing aids. This hearing aids is to help me to hear clearly as I lost my hearing on the right ear already since many years ago. Although I don't know my own future and the level of uncertainty, at least I try to survive now and the mortality rate that I have now would also help me to be more courage.

I believe that the challenges will always come to you. The challenge may be small or may be huge. Allah will always test you, in what ever condition you are. With the help of the people, they will come and listen to your problems.

I don't know the level of strength that I have. The challenges and the experiences makes me become more courage. With this strength, I hope to help more people out there to overcome the fear that they have.