Thursday, 29 December 2011

Me and my cats

Hello guys. How are you?

That is the current photo, with me and Saky..Lunch date with her...hehehe.. I'm holding Yvonne's book. Well guys, there is no power for the eyeglasses, I wear it to protect my right eye because I cannot close the right eye since my first surgery.

Cheeky (one of my cats) will started to MEOWWWWWWing...........when I wear the eyeglasses at home and she will keep on MEOWWWWWWing until I remove the eyeglasses. She is very particular (and she always wanted to know what I am doing). I told her, I wear the eyeglasses to protect my eyes from dust and etc.. She keeps on MEOWWWWWing. Maybe Cheeky will have a conversation with the rest of the cats (to update about me-I perasan, macam I best, hehehe) in CATS MEETING... who knows..

Cheers guys!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

We are the world-Micheal Jackson

Hello guys. How are you?

The above song is from Michael Jackson (with lyrics)

A book for sale-help this girl to raise funds

Hello guys. How are you today?

The above photo is the book that I'm talking about. Consider to buy it, call me at 017-3378317.

This girl, a friend of mine, is now raising funds for her emergency surgery. She need it now, and it is a matter of life and future.

A brief about the author of this book:-

"Yvonne Foong was just sixteen when she was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a genetic illness with no cure. That discovery propelled her into the fight of her life, and she embarked on an international odyssey to treat the tumours raging within her. Stark and revealing, I'M NOT SICK,..."

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Funds Raising for Yvonne

Hello guys..How are you?

My fellow friend, Yvonne Foong, will have a surgery with the expert at HEI, LA, the same place where I went before. She has RM20,000.00 in hands, so she needs another RM80,000.00 to achieve RM100,000.00.

She is an author of a book "I'm not sick, but a bit unwell", an inspiration book, that strikes many Malaysian about her, and genetic disorder that most of us take for granted. The fact that she was totally deaf, and with her conditions, she still manages to helped many people seeking for helps, including me. I understand how she feels now. It is a matter of life. There are many things to consider because it involves the future. We cannot know God plans, but we can do something now. It also involves medical history that only those doctor who familiar in this case can do. Even a decade, HEI still have the same team of doctor. Like my doctor, Dr. Rick Friedman said, "I will be here for you, and I always be here at HEI"

Let spread the words and help Yvonne. She also sales T-shirt and many more. You may contribute to her personally to Maybank savings account 112223202599.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Photos-enjoy it!!

Taken from my room at Seton Hall. Can you see "HOLYWOOD" there?

Interview session with Tsu Chi Association USA.

Can you believe it guys, that white building is a prison, in Downtown LA!

These are the people who protest Wall Street. They camp out there already since October, and I don't know whether these people can stand there in an cold weather.

The guy beside me, a MAS steward, shared with me about his brother, having a brain tumor.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Parking space for OKU

Hello guys! How are you? Hope you guys are in good conditions.

The above photo is taken at a parking space Carefour Wangsa Maju. There is one car without a OKU car sticker parked in that space. I guess maybe this person want to go inside Carefour toilet and to pee, possibly. Hahaha... Even those who have OKU car sticker, or OKU (People With Disabilities) did not park there.

They said this car will be clamped, but until I go back to my car (one and half hour later), the car is still there and free to go-the car was not clamped. I don't know, maybe after I go, the car is going to be clamped, or going to be fined! RM100 is nothing to this people, I supposed.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Malaysia is my country

Hello guys! How are you? Hope you guys are in good conditions.

Well, lately ever since Dr Rick Friedman of HEI removed the entire tumor, there is a question that is surrounding me always, and in fact, most of you outside there. A question, why can't the surgeon in Malaysia remove it?

Believe it or not, there will be multiple surgeries for Acoustic Neuroma in Malaysia. Like me, the first time I've found the tumor was last year and it was already 4 cm above. The surgery runs for more than 12 hours (at HUKM) but the doctor only manages to remove part of the tumor. It was very sad for me and a very devastating moment. Like it or not, I have to face another major surgery. But I ask myself, what happen if there will be another major surgery because the doctor really cannot remove the entire tumor (without damaging surrounding nerves). Who will be responsible for it? The doctor at the hospital? My friends? Family? The answer is, we responsible to ourselves.

I look for the surgeons. Most surgeons, even in HKL, are afraid to remove the entire tumor and I don't want to take the risk.

My decision to go to L.A, USA changes everything. I've decided to go there. With the help of my fellow friend, Yvonne, the surgeon, Dr Rick Friedman managed to remove the entire tumor. In less than 9 hours, his team manage to remove the entire tumor.

The same surgeon, Dr Rick Friedman and his team managed to remove 6.2 cm tumor! It was the biggest tumor ever removed in HEI! The patient, Hidayah Cynthia able to walk again after a few months using a wheelchair, after the first operation at HUKM last few years ago has failed, and left her being unable to walk.

How do they do it? How they can minimise the risk? How they remove the entire tumor in one operation? There will be multiple surgeries in Malaysia for 6.2cm Acoustic Neuroma tumor. What went wrong with our surgeons? Is it because of money? Is it because of skills/experience? Is it because of politic matter? I believe we have spent time and money for training. Do we like to look our own patients to go elsewhere around the world to look for the best surgeons? Does our surgeons lack of experience/skills? I believe they are... Don't be mad at me, but look at the truth, and put aside your ego for a moment. Improve the standard.

It sounds like I'm questioning Allah, rite? No guys, I am a Muslim. I accept the way I am now, that what Islam teaches me. The above questions are for us to find the answer. It has been many years already.

Monday, 28 November 2011

A charitable Foundation

Hello guys! How are you guys...? I am in good conditions.

My friend, Yvonne Foong, is setting up a public charitable foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to assist other NF patients acquire medical treatments.

There are costs involve in every medical. I look it happened right in front of my eyes, as it involve life threatening. I will support Yvonne and helping her for this foundation.

There are some procedures involve in setting up a public charitable foundation in Malaysia. It requires an experienced company secretary in this area. If you have any recommendations relating to this foundation, please write it to or you can read it through her website at

Friday, 25 November 2011

Another case of Acoustic Neuroma

Hello guys! How are you today? I am good.

Well guys, ever since my story came out in TV3, NTV7, Berita Harian, I've received a lot of calls and messages asking for help, what to do, opinions and etc, some of them said to me with encouraging words.

Some of them helps me bought some stuff and helps me to raise funds for my brain tumour surgery. Thank you to all. Because of your helps, whether directly/indirectly, it helps me a lot and I can't imagine it if it was without you guys helped me.

I also received a message from this one malay guy (after my news came out in Berita Harian) that her wife is having the same problems like me. His wife can’t move to the washroom without the help of a wheelchair, she cannot move a lot, and she can eat slimy food that helps the food to go through her throat. Luckily, she can breathe as usual. Her wife also went to HUKM before and the same answer from the doctor there that they can't remove the entire tumour because it is very dangerous and bla bla bla bla bla......

He asked me about my opinions (about his wife). I didn't see his wife personally. He did ask me why I am going to USA. I told him that time, I am going to USA because of my future, minimises risks, and in fact, no doctors in Malaysia can remove the tumour successfully.

Last week after a few days back to Malaysia, I received a call from him that he is taking his wife to USA, LA, to see Dr Rick Friedman and to have a surgery. This guy can afford to go there with a short notice. This guy has made rite decision and the decision also comes from his wife too! He and his wife read about me. In fact, he also read about Yvonne's story, Yvonne's journey to USA, and her courage to fight and battling the tumour and her support to others. I think we have showed him the best place and best doctor in this case. You know what I'm saying.

Today, this guy is already going to KLIA, with his wife and son, to have the surgery next week (29 November 2011). Have a safe trip and journey to Encik Shuhaimi Abu Bakar and his wife Puan Siti Nur Hidayah Abdullah (May everything is going well for you!!!). May ALLAH bless you!!!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

I am resting

Hello guys! How are you?

I am back already since last week (14 November). Last week, I feel a bit sleepy and go to bed a bit early, around 9-10 o'clock. I watch my cats, and they know that I am back already!!!

The tumor has been successfully removed 100%. I can eat as usual, can breath as usual, can take bath as usual, and read as usual. I can drive already. I need to take good care of my right eye because of the previous facial paralysis that effect my vision, my handwriting, my right hand and my right leg.

I still remember (HUKM), previously, I cannot walk, and eat in ICU. It takes about three weeks to one month for me to start walking as usual. I still use a wheelchair to help me to walk, go to washroom, or my room. I can't move a lot at that time because I still feel imbalance.

After that three weeks, I started my physio at HUKM for physical/walking therapy, working therapy, and speech therapy. At that time, there were some words that I cannot say. Actually, the physiotherapist have done a good job in their field. They helped a lot of most patients already.

When I have my second surgery in LA, USA, I can even eat and walk in ICU. And after I've moved to normal ward, (I am in ICU for about three days) I can climb the stairs already, speak as usual, walk as usual, eat as usual, go to the bathroom as usual, without the hands of the nurse/my mother. I am in the hospital (Saint Vincent Medical Center) for 5 days only!

How they do it? How they can minimise the risk of post surgery? Although there were CSF leaks after the surgery. I believe that they have the techniques and expertise that we can learn. (If Malaysian Doctor want to learn la...)

Our country lack of such expertise and experiences in this field. What we have now are the techniques that most Malaysian hospitals learned from them a long time ago and cultivate it in our country.

I will upload the photo for you guys once I've settle with the internet problems. Believe in ALLAH S.W.T!!! Take good care guys!!!!!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Dr Rick Friedman & House Ear Clinic

Hello guys! How are you today? I hope you are going good today!

I have met with Dr Friedman, of House Ear Clinic for my doctor's appointment and CFS leaks. Finally, there were no more leaks anymore that comes out from my nose.

There were patients around the world, from Korea, Japan, Russia, UAE, Arab, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, just because they want to meet these doctors! Even from USA!

It is worth it because it happens once in a lifetime guys! Feel it guys! It is about your future and your journey! I can't imagine if the surgery is done in Malaysia, whereby I might be subjected to multiple surgeries, the after-post surgeries cost that no one can imagine. At the same time, I've seen doc Jag from Prince Court Medical Center, Glean Eagles Medical Center, UMMC, UKMMC where I have to wait for the recovery, and I feel my health is worsening for every time of the surgery.

The comfort, the future, the healing power of the doctors irrespective of their believe, place or origin helps us a lot in our journeys! They don't need to be told that they are doctors but they become doctors because they want to heal most people and saving life-quality life!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New updates

Hello guys! How are you today!

Well, I am feeling good. One reason is because they removed the tumor 100%. I feel improved in terms of balancing, coordination, and what important too is to minimize risk of facial nerves.

I can even walk in ICU, the nurse gave me Orange Jello, and some water. And they want me to walk. It was nice man!!!!

After one week of the surgery, there was some leak (CFS leak) which I have to undergo a minor surgery, an outpatient surgery, which taken about 1-2 hours, and it was only one day (Friday) at St Vincent Medical Center.

They were good, and I have no complain at all.

So, now I have to make sure that the wound will not leak, it clean and covered. Well guys, it was terrible guys, but I figure it out as for my future and for good of people whom I love.

I need to settle down first, to make sure no CFS leaks, then when I am stronger enough, I can do a lot of exercises.

There was a group of people, and a volunteer from an Association, friends and even consulate, who has came by already since I was in ICU, in Hospital and Seton Guest Center.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Doctors appointment today

Hello there guys! How are you today?

Today, I went to see three (handsome) doctors for my appointment, Doctor Marc Schwartz, Doctor Rick Friedman and Doctor Michael Stefan. There was a lot of tests in one day.

There was hearing test, speech test, blood test, physical test, urine and x-ray, before my surgery tomorrow.

The time at Los Angeles will be late about 15-16 hours with Malaysia. So if Malaysia is morning, Los Angeles will be nite. And vice versa.

The surgery will be at 5 a.m tomorrow. Hope that everything will be alright, and hope to see you with my smiling face after that!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

I am safe in LA

Hello guys! How are you? Hope every things are good.

The above photo was taken just now, at Medina Halal Meat and Food, 3rd Street West, LA. It was busy day for us to adjust and to find as many places as we can go before the surgery.

I miss you all already, especially my CATS, hehehe.. See you guys again!!!!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

See you guys after this

Hello there guys? How are you today?

Tomorrow, I am going to Los Angeles already, with Yvonne and her mom. Thanks to all of you, who have help me a lot (directly or indirectly) in my journey. I will continue to update about me through this blog.

There are so many things in my mind. I could not sleep well. One of my cats (Cheeky) always staring at me as if she is waiting for me to say something to her. Did she knows? Yeah, she knows and so the rest of the cats.

I hope that this surgery will be successful and to recover faster so that I can see you all.

When I look back few months ago (March 2011), it was very very very...difficult to raise funds man. With zero funds need to be raised, and to the objective, it is very difficult man. With your helps, encouragement, it is possible to achieve the objective. Believe in God, keep the faith.

Many people help me. They spread the messages to their friends, to their family, to their brothers and sisters and to people out there. Thanks to you all!

In fact, there were also newspapers who has come to my house, to dig the stories, from a magazine and tv producer (Buletin 1.30 TV3 and The Breakfast Show NTV7). Thank you for giving me a place to talk and to spread the messages. Thank you.

There were also many positive feedback I received through email. (Not to forget, the negative ones). These people encourage me and offer me help, what to do next and so on. In fact, Yvonne helps me a lot!!!!!!

Thank you GUYS!!! May GOD bless you!!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Appointments arrangement

Hello guys! How are you!

I am going today to pick up the MAS air ticket.

By the way, here are the appointments that have been arranged by House Ear Clinic. Imagine guys, how efficient they are.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011:
8.30 a.m Admitting/House Ear Clinic
9.00 a.m Dr Marc Schwartz, Neurosurgeon
11.15 a.m Dr Rick Friedman, Neurotologist
1.00 p.m Dr Micheal Stefan, Internist (He will be doing the preoperative phisical and laboratory tests)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
5.00 a.m Admitting/St. Vincent Medical Centre
7.30 a.m Surgery

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One sweet NGO....

Hello there again.

I wish to say personally thank you to this NGO. This NGO visit me at my house many times, and very concern about people who really in need. This NGO has donate RM10,000 for my surgery and paid directly to the hospital in Los Angeles.

They help me a lot in my journey. All I will do is to supply to this NGO the account number of the hospital as soon as possible.

Once again, thank you.


Hello guys! How are you today? Hope you guys are in good conditions.

This morning, I received a call from CEO of MAICSA that they agree to donate RM10,000 for the operation. This is very good news to me.

MAICSA, a professional body of Chartered Secretaries Malaysia, has very much concern about their members in Malaysia.

Thank you MAICSA. Once again, thank you.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Funds raised so far

Hello guys! How are you all today?

Well, as you all can see, the funds raised so far is RM123.728.20. Still need RM25k.

Just now, I receive a call from MAICSA that they will have a council meeting this afternoon, and forward to the council about my matter. I hope to get good news from them.

I hope you guys out there will continue to support me, help me, and buy some merchandises to raise funds for my surgery, because your helps and support are very crucial to me now.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tentative dates to US

Hello there guy! How are you today!

Hah, guys, as you all know, I will fly to California, this 5th October 2011. I'll be there with my MOM (arrrr), Yvonne and her mom too.

Thanks to all of you out there, and especially to Yvonne, that I've could not achieve this objective without the support and encouragement from her.

On 10th October 2011, there will be appointments with the doctors at House Ear Institute before my surgery. And on 12th October will be the surgery date.

And my plan on 8th October is to accompany Yvonne and her mom to LA before she and her mom will go to Maryland. Yvonne's surgery is on 14th October 2011 in Maryland.

Hope everything will go well.

Total funds raised at Seksan (Readings) RM683.00

Me and Sharon Bakar

Sharon is holding Angry Bird Toys!

Hello there guys! How are you today? It has been very busy week for myself.

I would like to personally say thank you to Ms Sharon Bakar, the funds raising and sales at Seksan Gallery, Bangsar is RM683.00.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Berita Harian (15/9/2011)

Derita tumor otak
Oleh Nor Affizar Ibrahim

Antara barangan yang djual Syahidah melalui blog.
Syahidah usaha kumpul dana untuk rawat penyakit acoustic neuroma

PENYAKIT tumor otak, acoustic neuroma (AN) yang dikesan dan dideritai Syahidah Ishak, sejak setahun lalu mengubah hampir sebahagian daripada hidupnya.
Namun begitu, Syahidah, 33, yang sebelum ini bertugas sebagai pensyarah di kolej swasta dan mengajar subjek ekonomi serta pengurusan, reda dan akur dengan ujian Allah harus diharungi.
Biarpun seronok berkongsi pengetahuan dengan pelajarnya tetapi dengan pergerakan terbatas dan beberapa perubahan fizikal dialami sejak di diagnosis tumor otak, Syahidah dengan berat hati meminta ditukarkan di bahagian peperiksaan.

“Saya suka untuk berkongsi pengetahuan dengan pelajar tetapi saya tidak lagi boleh menjalankan pembelajaran kerana hendak menulis pun agak sukar. Malah, tangan saya sering mengalami kekejangan. Pergerakan saya juga agak lambat dan tidak seperti dulu lagi. Begitu juga pada bahagian muka sedikit herot manakala mata tidak boleh tutup lama,” kata Syahidah menceritakan penderitaan dan beberapa perubahan fizikal dialami.

Menceritakan penyakit dihadapi, Syahidah berkata pada awalnya dia mempunyai masalah pendengaran dua tahun lalu tetapi tidak fikir banyak mengenai hal itu kerana menganggap ia masalah biasa.

Namun, keadaan itu berlanjutan dan masalah pendengaran dihadapi semakin teruk ia seperti mendengar ketika berada dalam air. Kemudian, telinga kiri juga mengalami masalah hampir sama. Keadaan itu menyebabkan koordinasi Syahidah terjejas dan hilang keseimbangan serta menyukarkannya untuk bergerak.
“Sehinggalah suatu hari saya hilang keupayaan untuk mendengar pada telinga kanan. Mulanya, saya fikirkan telinga tersumbat dan cuba untuk membersihkan tetapi ia tidak membantu. Saya kemudian meminjam kawan, alat pendengaran (earphone) untuk mendengar muzik dan dari situlah menyedari telinga kanan saya menghadapi masalah langsung tidak dengar,” katanya.

Syahidah yang tinggal di Ampang, berkata dia menjalani pemeriksaan lanjut pada bulan Julai lalu untuk mengetahui masalah sebenar dihadapi. Ujian yang dijalani menunjukkan, dia mempunyai tahap tiga tumor berkembang di dalam otak.

“Saya agak terkejut dengan hasil ujian itu kerana tidak sangka ada tumor otak yang dikesan sedangkan sebelum ini, saya sangka sakit telinga dialami adalah sakit biasa saja. Mulanya, saya mengambil keputusan untuk tidak mendedahkan kepada sesiapa mengenai penyakit dihadapi termasuklah keluarga. Tetapi apabila ibu bapa saya dapat tahu, saya berasa bersalah dan menceritakannya serta memohon maaf kepada mereka. Sebenarnya, saya tidak mahu mereka bimbang,” katanya sambil menambah ibu bapanya adalah pesara.

Sejak itu, keluarga, rakan-rakan dan pelajar memberinya sokongan moral, termasuk penulis blog, Yvonne Foong yang menderita penyakit neurofibromatosis serta mengalami penderitaan sama dialami. Syahidah turut membuat penyelidikan melalui internet untuk memahami dan mengetahui lebih lanjut penyakit dihidapi.

“Banyak membaca dan mencari maklumat ada kala membuatkan saya rasa takut dengan penyakit saya tetapi pada masa sama, ia penting untuk saya mendapatkan pengetahuan,” ujarnya telus berkongsi kegusaran di hati.

Pada Oktober tahun lalu, Syahidah menjalani pembedahan di Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) dengan kos RM33, 800. Selain majikan, jumlah kos rawatan itu turut ditanggung syarikat insurans.

Katanya, pakar bedah berjaya mengeluarkan hanya 2.4cm tumor daripada 3.8cm yang dikesan. Syahidah mendapatkan beberapa pandangan pakar perubatan mengenai baki tumor yang masih tinggal. Rata-rata berpendapat, baki tumor yang masih ada berbahaya dan jika tidak dirawat ia boleh berkembang, di samping memberi kesan kepada telinga dan juga deria imbangan badan.

Selepas membuat segala pertimbangan, anak tunggal perempuan dalam empat beradik ini bertekad untuk menjalani pembedahan membuang baki tumor di hospital di Amerika Syarikat (AS).

Menerusi rakan blog, Foong, Rasyidah mendapat tahu Dr Rick Friedman, pakar mengenai masalah telinga dan pernah berjaya mengeluarkan tumor 4cm dengan melakukan pembedahan selama empat jam.

“Saya berterima kasih kepada Foong yang mencadangkan Dr Friedman kepada saya. Melalui emel saya sering mendapatkan pandangan dan nasihat daripada Dr Friedman mengenai penyakit dihadapi,” katanya turut memberitahu akan menjalani pembedahan di AS dengan kos 50.000 US $ (RM150, 000).

Kos yang tinggi itulah menyebabkan Syahidah tidak lena tidur kerana tidak tahu bagaimana untuk mendapatkan sumber bagi membiayai rawatan pembedahannya dijangka akan dibuat Oktober depan.

“Insurans perubatan tidak termasuk rawatan di luar negara dan Majlis Kanser Kebangsaan Malaysia (Makna) klasifikasikan kes saya sebagai bukan kanser dan tidak dapat membantu saya. Mulanya saya bercadang untuk membuat pinjaman peribadi daripada bank tetapi dengan keadaan kesihatan dialami, tidak mungkin saya boleh berbuat demikian. Ibu bapa pula bukan orang senang dan mereka masih perlu menanggung seorang lagi adik saya yang sedang belajar,” katanya.

Tambahnya, sejak Julai lalu dia tidak dapat tidur dengan betul akibat kesan penyakit dihidapi, di samping mempunyai masalah menutup mata kanan.

Syahidah memberitahu, cuba mengatasi masalah dihadapi dia kini sedang berusaha keras dengan pelbagai cara terutama melalui jualan amal untuk mengumpulkan dana bagi membiayai kos rawatan bakal dibuat di AS.

Melalui blog yang dibangunkan sejak Mac lalu, Syahidah menjual beberapa barangan seperti baju T, payung, beg, magnet, tali leher, alat permainan dan sebagainya. Selain menjual barang, blog dibina itu juga berjaya menghubungkan Syahidah untuk berkomunikasi dan bertukar-tukar fikiran dengan beberapa pakar perubatan dari negara luar termasuk Jepun, Russia dan Amerika Syarikat, khususnya mengenai AN.

“Baju T saya reka cetak sendiri manakala barang-barang lain saya ambil dari luar dan ada juga barang ihsan diberikan oleh rakan saya tanpa mengambil sebarang bayaran untuk saya jual. Dengan melancarkan jualan amal melalui blog, sehingga kini saya berjaya mengumpul RM14,000 dan ini bermakna, masih banyak lagi diperlukan tetapi saya yakin boleh mengumpulnya, seterusnya dapat menjalani pembedahan dengan selamat,” katanya dengan tekad tidak akan berputus asa.

Syahidah turut berjanji pada diri sendiri, jika segala-galanya berjalan lancar dia bercadang untuk terus berkongsi maklumat dan pengalaman mengenai penyakit acoustic neuroma yang dihidapi melalui blognya iaitu

INFO: Mengenai Acoustic Neuroma (AN)
• AN juga dikenali sebagai Acoustic neurilemmoma, Acoustic neurinoma, Auditory tumor dan Vestibular schwannoma.
• AN adalah ketumbuhan bukan kanser yang terjadi pada saraf yang menyambungkan telinga ke otak.
• Tumor biasanya tumbuh perlahan-lahan dan apabila tumbuh ia memberi tekanan terhadap saraf pendengaran dan keseimbangan.
• Pada mulanya, pesakit mungkin tidak mempunyai simptom atau gejala ringan. Ini termasuklah
- Kehilangan pendengaran salah satu deria dengar
- Telinga berasa berdengung
- Pening dan mengalami masalah keseimbangan
• AN boleh sukar untuk di diagnosis kerana gejalanya sama dengan individu yang ada masalah telinga. Pemeriksaan telinga, ujian pendengaran dan imbasan boleh dibuat bagi mengenalpasti penyakit itu.
• Jika tumor kekal kecil, pesakit hanya perlu diperiksa secara berkala.
• Pada dasarnya, terdapat dua rawatan yang ditawarkan iaitu pembedahan atau radioterapi. Pilihan terapi adalah bergantung kepada kedudukan dan saiz neuroma akustik, kesan paduan pada saraf dan otak, serta keadaan pesakit. Disebabkan oleh pertumbuhan perlahan tumor keputusan memilih rawatan boleh ditangguhkan dengan risiko tertentu iaitu "tunggu dan lihat".
• Jika tumor memberi kesan kepada kedua-dua saraf pendengaran, ia kerap kali kerana gangguan genetik yang dipanggil neurofibromatosis. Tumor juga boleh akhirnya menyebabkan kebas atau lumpuh bahagian muka.
• Jika ia tumbuh cukup besar, ia boleh menekan terhadap otak, menjadi yang mengancam nyawa.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Ms Tan bought another 50 birds toys

Ms Tan, thank you to you. You bought another 50 birds and the tees too!

My wish to meet Ms Tan personally comes true. Ms Tan is very nice person and has true heart. She came over to my office at Kg Pandan just now.

Guys! Keep breathing, that’s the key to live!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I beg you to spread the words

Hello guys! How are you today?

Hope you guys can help me, spreading the words, or buy some merchandise(s) to raise funds.

Thank you very much guys!!!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

MAS-Thank you to you

Hello guys!

I want to share this good news, that MAS will get an air return ticket for me to Los Angeles.

They reserve one ticket already.

Thank you MAS!!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

If the surgery is postponed

Hello guys! How are you doing today? How was your Hari Raya celebration? It is really great!

Guys, there are so many questions that pop in my mind from the beginning of this blog until today. What if the surgery postpone to a later date?

The surgery may be postponed...but can I survive in a longer period, to an indefinite date or at a later date? I wish to do that. However, my health will be an issue, to me, to those who close to me... even to my parents, my friends and people around me..Most of them will be affected by me..

First of all, the health issues (or it is a matter of my life issue) is going to be deteriorate, slowly, everyday. God knows it.. and some body outside there can feel it. Lack of balancing, lack of co-ordination, and some vision problems, clumsy, headaches and so on.. There will be another question that will put to me, and I have to deal with it and do something with it now. Maybe, they will understand it.

Second of all, everything in my personal life will also be postponed, and everyone around me will also have to postpone their schedules, dates, appointments and etc. These people will have to wait and wait, and God knows all of their feelings about this matter.

Third of all, health issue will also be associated with wealth issues. Wealth is not a financial matter only, but also a quality of life that can be shared. The more I postpone it, more issues that will come to me and that issue is not only affecting my personal life, but the person who close to me.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Angry Birds t-shirts, Imported and Original

These imported & Original Angry Birds t-shirts are selling for RM35.00 a piece to raise funds for my surgery. There is only one piece each, so grab the one you like before it's sold!

Free size
Bust: 16"
Length: 21"

Contact me at: 017-3378317