Thursday, 23 February 2012

A story of En. Shuhaimi and Pn Hidayah Cynthia in Berita Harian

Last year, as you all know, I went to House Ear Clinic, Los Angeles, CA with one objective, ie, to remove the entire tumor. The fact that I raise fund for my surgery in order to remove the entire tumor at USA had captured the eyes of En Shuhaimi and Pn Hidayah Cynthia.

I do realise that not so many people willing to share their story. When I try to search about the illness, the cure, the medicine makes me wonder, am I the only one who have the tumor? Why me? Only then, when the story come out, so many people has come forward and say that, "Hei, I also have the same problem..what to do?"

Only those with a brave and strong heart willing to do this. And because of this, there are many ways to share it.

Yvonne, you have a strong heart!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Facial nerve

The image below is a facial nerve, which invole muscle for taste & sensation, facial expression for smiling, eye movement & etc.

There are three types of surgery for Acoustic Neuroma. Translabyrinthine, Middle Fossa, & Retrosigmoid. Every approach has the risks. HEI uses Translabyrinthine surgery approach for my case.

After a surgery of Acoustic Neuroma, there is possibly temporary facial paralysis. Some call it as Bell Palsy. Bell Palsy can happen because of infection & etc, and one of it is brain tumor (Acoustic Neuroma). It took experience and skill neurosurgeon when it involve brain tumor.

The tumor is a slow-growing. It will affect the surrounding nerve as the tumor growth. However, at HEI, size is not a problem for them because they are experience in this field and focus to do research for future generation. HEI pioneer in ENT since 1946, a private non-profit organisation.

Eye closure

Hello guys. How are you guys today? I hope you guys are in good conditions.

After a few months of my surgery in USA, I can slowly close my right eye 100%. I cannot close my right eye even after 10 months of the first surgery. Exercises and physiotherapy really works. The surgeon (at HEI) has minimises this risk.

The surgeon exercises his judgement based on his expertise and experience. My right ear hearing was already loss few years ago even before the surgery and I only notice it when I borrowed an earphone from my friend.