Monday, 28 March 2011

Second brain tumor operation

Hello there guys. I just back from a hospital and met with the doctor. He gave me a DVD on my brain MRI Scan. He knows that I am going to look for second opinion. He just need to know what will be my decision only. He was kind and nice guys.

My Pay Pal account is the same as yahoo. For the past two days, I received several missed calls from oversea. May be from the Pay pal and they want to confirm the number and etc.

I wish all my friends out there, who read this blog, will have a happy life, healthy and strong. Thank you very much.

Once again, thank you.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

What is Acoustic Neuroma?

Friends out there, hello again. I am following this web site from the beginning until now. If you guys happen to have more time on reading, I recommend you all this site

There are many sites to follow and to read. Thank you guys.

Visits to a hospital

Hello there. How are you guys today? Hope your day will be full with fruitful moment.

I visited a very close friend (my heart and lung, hehehe) and I sleep there to accompany her at the hospital. She is also accompanied by her sister. She was admitted to the hospital because of infection in her blood. I pray for her to remove all her pain. At this moment, I do really hope that she is going to recover soon. Thank to God, she heard me and now she was being transferred from High Dependency Unit (HDU) to normal ward.

It was best to receive that all supports are from all friends out there, to come and visited her last few days. Whenever someone had come, I do pray to the God that all my friends out there, whether related or not, will have the best health and the best condition, including the family.

Friends out there, please pray for her now, and hope that she will be discharged soonest today.

Thank you very much.

Friday, 25 March 2011

T-shirt design

Hello... I am going to design a t-shirt. The t-shirt is a round neck t-shirt. The colors could be white cream, yellow or light blue. The size will be S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, for guys and women. The t-shirt is simple so that everyone can wear it (boys or girls). I would like to get you guys opinion to give me the best design and color you have.

If you have some thing in mind, come and share it (if you don't mind). The design could be from you, because I need you feedback. You can email me at or write to me in this blog. Thank you.

Once again, thank youvery much.

Acoustic neuroma - A discussion

Last week, Yvonne has initiated a discussion with Dr. Rick Friedman from Hause Ear Clinic at Los Angeles, America, told me that he would like to do the operation for discount. I am going to send to him my MRI scan results (if possible, next week) because I have to wait a letter from my surgeon in Malaysia.

I cannot sleep every night thinking of what is going to happen to me in future, my friends, their family, and where to get the money for my operation. This is a challenge to me and to all who have the same disease in this world.

I am thankful to God that I met with Yvonne. I can download the information that I want from the internet. All you have to do is to decide about the future. The choice is yours beb.. The rest, leave it to God, where we as human is good in planning.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Help and support

This is my first time for me to write in a blog. I try to raise fund in order for me to do the next operation. The next operation (brain operation) is somewhere in August and September 2011.

I plan to do a nice t-shirt for the fund. I am now, still looking for a t-shirt supplier and hopefully, this project will be here soon.

At this moment, I would like to share with you my account number number, which is Maybank 164 098 002 029.

Meet a friend

Last Sunday, I met a friend at Subang Jaya, at McD Subang Parade. I want to neet her because I want to know her personally. I read about her in her blog and now, I can personally talk to her, email her, and even chat with her. I saw her personally and know that she had gone through life journey.

I know her because we share a common thought. The most common about us are, Acoustic Neuroma patient. It is one of the brain tumor that affects our balancing and hearing nerves. She gave me a wonderful life journey that we share, the same pain, love, family, financial burden and etc. I keep to my self and say to my self, this is a wonderful world. God gave us a place to keep it, share it, disperse it at any time and at any where we want.