Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mark it in your diary

Recently, I have added new links that I want to share with you.

First, as you can see, I have added Acoustic Neuroma Association, where you can also download all the possible information associated with brain tumor and Acoustic Neuroma as you wish. There is a video explaining in details of Acoustic Neuroma. This association is recited in USA. I am already a member. This support group really helpful in order for me to cope with the changes in the future. In fact, most of the informations that we can get through are from the doctors and patients point of view. Although I am in other geographical area, with internet, this support group can across the borders and oceans. Is it fantastic?

Second, as you look at the right corner and scroll down a bit, I also have added another link and willing to share with all of you, about this blog.. A journey to strive and to cure for specific conditions. Mark it in your diary, as it will give you a lot of benefits for now and for your future.


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Everyone adapts to survive

Hello guys. How are you today?

First of all, I am blessing to have so many people around me. When I woke up every morning, God is giving me another day of life to me. (Ya Allah, nikmat utama ialah Islam).

As I breathe this morning, I talk to myself, and I look to one of my cats, Danise. She says, MEOWWWWWW to me..(What are you looking at?- I translate for you, maybe this is what she trying to say to me)

The above photo is Danise this morning. I try to cut some of her fur, especially at her butt, but she will wake up, catch my hand and after that, I don't know where the scissor is missing. I am trying to do it while she was asleep (and tido mati)..Guest what, Danise will wake up.

Back to the title "Everyone adapts to survive", it means everything’s to me.

I've been diagnosed with brain tumor last two years, July 2010. It was really shock to me as I try to keep it to myself. But I can't. The news tells me something as it affects my life and my future. In a situation like this, I try to calm down and to think wisely. I should sit down first and to allow the news to "adapt" to my situation.

What should I do then? I started to think about my life, my future and of course about you and all of you. I also think of my cats as they are already part of my life.

I look for the information - brain tumor, acoustic neuroma and etc, on the internet. I looked and looked, the information about what to expect and what will happen to me in the future was unfortunately, not relate to my conditions. As I search the web, I also found about Yvonne Foong.

I also think about my life insurance and my students.

The key when receiving such news is "do not panic". Syida, do not panic. Syida, you must learn to adapt in order to survive.

Now, I still feel some pain from the first surgery. My attempt to remove the tumor which was carried out at HUKM leaves a prolong effects. I still feel some headache and etc.

The wound in my head (near my right ear) from my first attempt is large and can be seen, as compared to the wound which was performed in USA, House Ear Clinic and St. Vincent Medical Center, as the second wound almost disappear and cannot be seen.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

You are my hero

Hello guys. How are you today?

Guys, the above video with lyrics, is for all of you out there, whoever you are, where you are, no matter what you do & etc. There is a hero in you...!!

Hugs and cheers!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Many things occurs in 2011

Hello guys. How are you today?

Well guys, as you all know, there were many things happens to me in 2011. Hope this 2012 brings more good news and good things that I wish to look forward.

The above photo was taken at Giant Kelana Jaya, where I met Ms Ng yesterday. I am standing in line at the cashier as this Lion was dancing and come forward to me. Uhhh, it was the first time in my life that suddenly this Lion was just rite behind me. I hear the noises but don't know that this Lion was rite behind me. (Kesian dia...I tak perasan). A lady at the cashier gave me a signal that there was a Lion rite behind me.

The Lion is beautiful! With red color as it brings luck to Chinese Calendar New Year.

Wish all of you out there to have good life ahead!