Foundation for NF patients in Malaysia

Dear friends and readers.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Yvonne and I have been proceeding with making arrangements to incorporate A Celebration of Life. The purpose of this foundation is to help NF patients in Malaysia with financial and logistical support.

The Registrar of Companies will give us 1 month to collect RM1 million in pledges.

The company secretary, Ms Izlin Laily, who will incorporates the foundation has had volunteered to do it at no charge basis, and she would like to help NF patients in Malaysia. With this foundation, NF patients in Malaysia can get more help, assistants and supports where ever it needs.
I am very grateful to have known Yvonne Foong in my life. It has being a dream of Yvonne Foong to help more NF patients in Malaysia, in spite of her current conditions. It is her dream to incorporate A Celebration of Life foundation. And I understand that, because it is part of my life too. Please have a read on the following link's in order to understand the mission of setting up this foundation

Those who would like to contribute are to write a letter stating your pledge amount and submit it to us. The letters will be handed to the registrar along with other documents of incorporation. The prime minister’s department will then act on the foundation’s behalf to collect the pledged money from donors. The collected money will then be made into a trust Under the foundation’s name.

You may start considering how much you would like to pledge to A Celebration of Life foundation and assist in our mission to improve quality of life and healthcare access for Neurofibromatosis patients in Malaysia and possibly those beyond our shores when we grow to that capacity.

Also, you may have a view and have a look to the following web page, a web page design for the said foundation to assist Neurofibromatosis patients in Malaysia. 

Thank you very much!

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