Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ms Tan bought 50 birds toys

Guys, I want to appreciate Ms Tan because she bought 50 birds. Thanks to her, may God Bless her and her family.

Thank you to Joanne! You help me a lot! Nicole, you are ROCK!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Thank you to Great Eastern Life

Hello guys! How are you guy today?

This morning, when I look at my account, there is extra RM33K. It is from personal insurance for previous hospital bill that I claimed. The funds now has achieved RM61k.

Thank you to Great Eastern Life!

There is a lot of work to do!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Chocolate Cookies

Hmm..The above picture is ..... I can't find the words. It is a chocolate cookies. Those who are fasting, look at the picture. Isn't it great rite! It is RM25 each. A jar contains 70 cookies. Grasp it guys!

New T-shirt

I am writing here to tell you guys that there is second production of t-shirt. The t-shirt may have new design, and it is special for you all. It represent my campaign (Apple).

I can't wait to see the t-shirt.

Support these person guys

Hello there guys! How are you today?

Guys, you can see that the fund is RM20k already. I started to blog since March and the objective of the blog is to raise fund for my brain tumor surgery. Nothing more.

Many people has come forward and since then, journalist from Malay Mail, TV3, Wanita magazine and recently, a local newspaper has come and visit me at my house to have a story about me. Thank you to you all. At the same time, I get on live show at The Breakfast Show last week, on NTV7.

I also want to thank to this person, that has been in my life, helping me a lot, motivate me, never give up person, and support others as many people as she can. She has a true heart. Keep on supporting her guys, her campaign (Heart4Hope) and in what she do. Thanks a lot to Yvonne.

She also introduced me to Sharon Bakar, a writer and owner of Seksan Gallery in Bangsar, KL. Thank you to Sharon Bakar too.

Not to forget, Mr Randall Stephen from Australia. He helps me in his journey to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and from the selling of his CD's, he channelled it to my fund (RM1,650.00). Thank you Mr Randall Stephen.

Kak Dotty, your cookies are yummy! You helps me a lot too Kak Dotty. A lot of people knowing your cookies now! Thank to you Kak! Hope God blessed you and your family too in anything that you do.

A lost bird that never learn to fly...

Hm.. Hello guys, how are you today? Hope you guys are in good conditions.

Guys, please don't get wrong of the heading. It is not about Angry Bird toys or whatsoever. It is just a bird and a bird only.

Imagine, there is a bird in front of you. Can that bird talk? You ni, kelakar lah. It is your imagination. (Don't tell me la, because it is your bird). It is up to you to imagine it. (Dodo bird pun bole, even though dodo bird cannot fly). A bird would like to sing, a bird also like to eat, and a bird also like to smile (hehe).

In “Pirate of the Caribbean-At world end” movie, there is a slot where Davvy Jones tells to Captain Jack Sparrow, “Look guys, a lost bird, a lost bird that never learn how to fly...." What will be the answer from Captain Jack Sparrow to Davvy Jones? "It is never too late to learn to fly.." Something like that la..

Maybe Davvy Jones says that to Captain Jack Sparrow because there is a lot of mistakes Captain Jack Sparrow’s did in the past, but still do the same mistakes. Is it...?

Mistakes may happen to us, if you are not ready. But even if we are ready, mistakes still can happen. However, mistakes make us be more careful in future. I cannot imagine how many mistakes I did in my lives.

Is it too late to learn something? The answer, no. What I’m trying to say here to you guys, don't give up! Never say never to yourself! Even a smallest person can change the course of a world.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Live at The Breakfast Show NTV7 (18 August 2011)

Guys..Here are some pictures that Ayuni snap with her camera. It was a lovely morning and my appearance with Yvonne for my fund raising campaign.

Thank you to Yvonne and the producer of The Breakfast Show, crews and all people out the who helps me.

Meanwhile, I will go to Genting, this weekend for Yvonne's fund raising. She is a very strong girl guys!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Classic Trifle Pudding

Classic Trifle Pudding. Ymmm!!! Delicious!!! They are hand-made, consisting of 4 different layers of flavour, ie,a single layer of cake, laced with a generous portion of rich, creamy custard and topped with delightfully sweet cocktail fruits before it is sealed with a choice of strawberry or orange flavoured jelly.

Some say it tastes like ice-cream. Come to think of it, hmm.... having jelly, fruits, cake and custard in one cup really does save you money, like an ice cream. Why buy 4 separate items? It has less calories too!!

The pudding’s size is around 3.5 inches (height), 1.65 inches bottom diameter and 2 inches top diameter. How long does the pudding last? Well guys, the pudding can last to maximum 4 days if kept in the fridge.

The cost is RM3.00, minimum order is 25 cups. Grasp it guys! These pudding can be served for Hari Raya, Cocktail Party, Birthday Party, Business or Family Gathering and so on.

Friday, 12 August 2011

An interview with Berita Harian newspaper

Hello guys! How are you today? I hope you guys are ok today.

Just now, around 11 a.m., a journalist and a photographer from Berita Harian had come over to my house to have an interview.

The purpose of the interview is to tell people out there that I am selling some merchandise and at the same time, I am raising fund for my brain tumor surgery this October in US. The newspaper article will come out this September. Although the fund is way too low, I have a feeling that this will help me and to let people know that I am here to raise fund for surgery. There is so much work to do guys!

Last Friday, I received an email from MAICSA, a professional association for Chartered Secretaries in Malaysia and a division of UK for ICSA. Since I am one of MAICSA's members, I have email to MAICSA concerning my matters, to get help and to raise fund for my surgery. They said that they will bring this matter during a members committee meeting this 16 August 2011.

Guys, I also have emailed to MAS, to sponsor an air return ticket to Los Angeles for me. You know guys, they have replied my email and it is good news to me! At this moment, I am waiting a call from MAS about this news. I supply them with my medical reports, and all relevant documents about my problems. I hope that I will get good news from MAS!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Denise Danial when she was small

The above picture is DD. It is a picture of DD when she was still small. She is very playful. Like my story previously, I took DD from a garbage house near my friend's house.

Now, she was big enough. She is bigger than Cheeky and Cheebie. OMG, when people look at her, people ask me what have you give her to eat?

I gave her just like my other cats too. I gave her kibbles and she just eats it.

Chocolate Cookies for Hari Raya

Wow! It is fresh from kitchen. Yummy! Delicious! That jar of Chocolate Cookies contains 70 biscuits, and the cost is RM25 each. I don't want to tell you guys that I have ate one jar without realising the cookies were almost finished. Even though I eat it very slow lately (with ice tea), it is delicious!! I like the cookies! Grasp it guys!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Randall Stephens will be in KL on Sunday

Hey guys, as you know Randall Stephens will be in KL on Sunday!

Lit Up KL will be launched in Malaysia on the 6th and 7th of August at KLPAC and MAP@ Publika in partnership with Blu Bricks as part of the Causeway EXchange Festival.

The Festival's general aims are to:

1. Invite established national and international writers and performers to inspire and share their skills and knowledge with local young and emerging writers and audiences

2. Make emerging writers the focus of a literary arts festival, by empowering them as writers, poets, performers, directors, actors, hosts, moderators and volunteers.

3. Increase the wider community's recognition of the creative skills, ideas, concerns and opinions of young emerging writers.

4. Enhance the training, publishing, and creative opportunities for young and emerging writers, performers and artists.

5. Provide a range of high-quality, diverse and rewarding experiences for both established and emerging writers, performers and artists that will develop and enhance their creative skills.

6. Create competitive platform for young people in the literary arts

Programme of Events -

Sat 6 Aug 2011 - KLPAC

Age: 16 and up

Dramalogue workshop with Ken Mizusawa - 4pm to 6pm


CROSS CAUSEWAY ExCHANGE POETRY SLAM - Malaysia goes head to head with the best bards from Singapore - 930pm to 1030pm

Sun 7 Aug 2011 - MAP@ Publika

Age: 10 to 16 years old

10am to 130pm

Poetry writing - Facilitated by Elaine Foster and Word Forward

Poetry performance - Facilitated by Elaine Foster and Word Forward

Play writing - Facilitated by Ken Mizusawa

Drama/Improv - Facilitated by Ken Mizusawa