Thursday, 17 May 2012

NF Fancy Dress Party in conjunction with World NF Awareness

Hello guys, readers and friends.

How are you today? I hope you are in good health.

Last nite, I went to NF Fancy Dress Party, a small gathering comprises of NF patients in Malaysia. Not all can come for the gathering. We gathered around 8pm at Mc Donald restaurant. Most of us were really excited to know about who is joining, and we kept on sharing information about our name, our personal life & etc.

I really hope that this small gathering will actually become a small contribution to all of us, and the community too, starting with who we are, and what is NF. The truth is, this small gathering brings more motivation to us and people who sees us during the gathering. I'm sure you guys agree with me.

Below are some pictures that I have for you. Enjoy it!


  1. It's nice to have some gathering like this.

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    2. Wow! Syahidah beat me at writing about the event!

    3. Nice to have a support group that surrounds me with people with so much positivity. (=

  2. Hey Yvonne & Keisha like you girls dressing ! Oh and first time see Yi Liang wear something formal ! Not bad !

    Hello Syahidah, read alot about you from Yvonne's blog. Hope you doing fine :)

  3. Mamarazi: Thank you to you!

    Joy Adeline Donasco: I feels so grateful last nite cause I manage to see you too(and I dream about it too). Also hope to meet again!

    Yvonne: You are my hero. The place was booked (and organised) by you. And the event was great!

    Fiona: I am doing good now. Thank you to you Fiona. Yvonne and Keisha, I also like it. It is like a wedding photo.

  4. Syida, great to know that everyone enjoyed the gathering.

    Yeap, should organise more of the similar type of event, to show the cares and love btwn each other.

  5. Thank you Joanne!!! Many hugs to you!!!