Sunday, 9 December 2012

A foundation to establish

Dear friends and readers.

Here is the foundation's name that is under incorporation process. The foundation is for NF patients in Malaysia. However, the logo of the foundation is being edited in order to avoid legal action in future. Here is the edited logo.

The first stage of incorporating the foundation, ie, the name search process has been carried out. In order to proceed with the incorporation, we need to answer to SSM query, which includes RM1 Million pledge, the directors, the estimated income and expenses for 2 years after incorporation, a draft M&A and etc. SSM gave us one month to answer to the query.

Why need RM1 Million in pledge? It is a requirement by the SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) and the MOF (Ministry of Finance) so that more helps can be given later in the future once the foundation has been establish. The RM1 Million pledge can come from individuals, businesses or organisations.

Those who would like to contribute to the foundation, either an individuals or organisations are to write a letter saying that they agree to pledge certain amount to the foundation. Your letter will be attached together with the SSM query.

Once we have submitted the pledge letter and answer to the query letter, SSM will consider our application. Once it is approved, we will get in touch with the people who agree to pledge to the foundation and the money will then be banked in to the foundation's bank account.

If you wish to pledge and contribute any amount, do email me at We need to submit it by 4th January 2013.

Thank you to you. Your continuous support and believe will helps many other patients in Malaysia battlling NF and living with NF.

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