Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Doctor's appointment

Hello guys.. How are you?

Last day, I mean on Tuesday, I met with a doctor at a hospital. The doctor knows about my case and allows me to ask any doubt that may happen in the near future.

He said to me that I must go for second operation. The most is, this year. I also submitted the CD of my MRI's to several doctors in Malaysia, Russia, Japan and United State. My case got the attention because of the blog and a help from my fellow friend. They are willing to do the operation. It is a matter of experience and expertise.

The doctor also asked me where I want to do the operation because it is very high risk. So, I told him that I want to go to U.S and meet Dr Rick Friedman (House Ear Clinic). He willing to help me to minimise my doubt about Acoustic Neuroma and reduce some of my burden. In fact I also discuss with him about insurance. Bless my doctor, for all the helps.

Dr. Rick had emailed me the cost of operation which will include the stay in the hospital. All I have to do is to go to US.


  1. Morning Syida,
    Great to see your diary here.
    And good job too, you able to change the blog title!

    Since you have decided to US, I wonder do you still needs further consultation with Dr Jegan?

    I wonder can he do anything at this moment for delaying the tumor for causing risk to your health (besides operation), any medication?

  2. Actually, there is no more consultation for a person like me in this case. I've been diagnosed with this disease last year. There are 3 methods we need to decide, ie, observe (wait and see), radiotherapy and operation (for removal). Since my age is still below 45 and most doctors (that had reviewed my MRI's) said I must go for operation in order to avoid more complications.

    No consultation for me in the future with Dr Jegan, unless I call him or there is emergencies that may happen to me. He gave me his personal HP no. in case.

    At the moment, he cannot do anything for me. A medication for headaches (migraine) and vitamins. I also got fibroid and he knows that too. The tumor is growing every day, even I took Transfer Factor.

    However, the TF is good for immune systems. I have to exercise in order to help with my balancing and so on.

  3. I get concerned about the case, because in the blog, and my companion the help of friends. They are willing to do the operation. This is a question of experience and expertise.

    appointment setting

  4. Thank you Kewiesterrock. The surgery is going well and I am going back to Malaysia already.