Monday, 13 June 2011

Books and Drawings

It was my personal triumph lately. It took me about 2 and a half year to finished.

He he he... My drawings... I know, it was not beautiful like I expected. But, I like it. My friend introduced it to me. All I have to do is to color it according to the number.

Readings. It is a Malaysian thing. I bought it during a conference at Taylor's College. Cheebie (one of my cats) like it (I don't know why). However, I finished reading the book last month. The book has many writers and stories that they want to share. So, I don't remember which my favourite’s writer is but the writer that got my attention that time is Reeza with a title "I am a Muslim..So, I cannot" something like that...

The writer of the book is Yvonne Foong. It took me just one night to finish it. I cannot feel the tears drop while I reading it, because, I am facing with facial paralysis. The tears will drop from my left eye only. All I know, the book inspired me a lot (as it was the same feelings and the same problems) and I met Yvonne last 3 month. She inspired me a lot. Read it! You can get the book from MPH bookstore.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Syida,
    I always wish to get Reading into my fav things to do, but I just dislike it. Alamak!
    For me, I just like reading the recipe book, hehe. Is that consider Reading?

    That's the art from you? OMG, I cant believe it, it is so beutiful!Is true!

    I am sure you are as strong as Yvonne.
    Take care yeah!