Sunday, 4 September 2011

If the surgery is postponed

Hello guys! How are you doing today? How was your Hari Raya celebration? It is really great!

Guys, there are so many questions that pop in my mind from the beginning of this blog until today. What if the surgery postpone to a later date?

The surgery may be postponed...but can I survive in a longer period, to an indefinite date or at a later date? I wish to do that. However, my health will be an issue, to me, to those who close to me... even to my parents, my friends and people around me..Most of them will be affected by me..

First of all, the health issues (or it is a matter of my life issue) is going to be deteriorate, slowly, everyday. God knows it.. and some body outside there can feel it. Lack of balancing, lack of co-ordination, and some vision problems, clumsy, headaches and so on.. There will be another question that will put to me, and I have to deal with it and do something with it now. Maybe, they will understand it.

Second of all, everything in my personal life will also be postponed, and everyone around me will also have to postpone their schedules, dates, appointments and etc. These people will have to wait and wait, and God knows all of their feelings about this matter.

Third of all, health issue will also be associated with wealth issues. Wealth is not a financial matter only, but also a quality of life that can be shared. The more I postpone it, more issues that will come to me and that issue is not only affecting my personal life, but the person who close to me.


  1. My little blurb. Hope it helps.

  2. Just found your blog via Marina's. Made a small contribution to your cause. Am amazed by your determination and positive attitude. All the best and god bless.

  3. To Datin Paduka MarinaM, thank you very much.

    And to Mr R Ngiam, thank you to you too.

    Your help is really appreciated.