Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tentative dates to US

Hello there guy! How are you today!

Hah, guys, as you all know, I will fly to California, this 5th October 2011. I'll be there with my MOM (arrrr), Yvonne and her mom too.

Thanks to all of you out there, and especially to Yvonne, that I've could not achieve this objective without the support and encouragement from her.

On 10th October 2011, there will be appointments with the doctors at House Ear Institute before my surgery. And on 12th October will be the surgery date.

And my plan on 8th October is to accompany Yvonne and her mom to LA before she and her mom will go to Maryland. Yvonne's surgery is on 14th October 2011 in Maryland.

Hope everything will go well.


  1. Hello Syida. We help you because of your persistence and determination. Without your own persistence and determination, we couldn't help either. So it was because of you that we could help.

    Eu, we accompany to you L.A. la. Not you accompany us to L.A. :P My mom and I will show u around, how to get around the hospital and where to go for halal groceries. You will love HEI, St. Vincent Medical Center and the L.A. weather. It will not be very cold so don't bring too much warm clothings, yeah. Just a light jacket will do. Or if you want, bring one jacket that's thicker than usual in case you want to go near the beach area. The winds from the Pacific Ocean can be chilly.

  2. I mean, from the HEI to LAX Airport. Before you go for your flight to Maryland.

  3. Ohhh.... haha. Sure. that will be nice.