Friday, 25 November 2011

Another case of Acoustic Neuroma

Hello guys! How are you today? I am good.

Well guys, ever since my story came out in TV3, NTV7, Berita Harian, I've received a lot of calls and messages asking for help, what to do, opinions and etc, some of them said to me with encouraging words.

Some of them helps me bought some stuff and helps me to raise funds for my brain tumour surgery. Thank you to all. Because of your helps, whether directly/indirectly, it helps me a lot and I can't imagine it if it was without you guys helped me.

I also received a message from this one malay guy (after my news came out in Berita Harian) that her wife is having the same problems like me. His wife can’t move to the washroom without the help of a wheelchair, she cannot move a lot, and she can eat slimy food that helps the food to go through her throat. Luckily, she can breathe as usual. Her wife also went to HUKM before and the same answer from the doctor there that they can't remove the entire tumour because it is very dangerous and bla bla bla bla bla......

He asked me about my opinions (about his wife). I didn't see his wife personally. He did ask me why I am going to USA. I told him that time, I am going to USA because of my future, minimises risks, and in fact, no doctors in Malaysia can remove the tumour successfully.

Last week after a few days back to Malaysia, I received a call from him that he is taking his wife to USA, LA, to see Dr Rick Friedman and to have a surgery. This guy can afford to go there with a short notice. This guy has made rite decision and the decision also comes from his wife too! He and his wife read about me. In fact, he also read about Yvonne's story, Yvonne's journey to USA, and her courage to fight and battling the tumour and her support to others. I think we have showed him the best place and best doctor in this case. You know what I'm saying.

Today, this guy is already going to KLIA, with his wife and son, to have the surgery next week (29 November 2011). Have a safe trip and journey to Encik Shuhaimi Abu Bakar and his wife Puan Siti Nur Hidayah Abdullah (May everything is going well for you!!!). May ALLAH bless you!!!!


  1. My heart goes out to them. Another life is about to be saved.

  2. It is always nice in sharing informative info to the one needed.

    All the best to them.

  3. Currently my mom is in the surgey room, thanks for the post!