Monday, 21 November 2011

I am resting

Hello guys! How are you?

I am back already since last week (14 November). Last week, I feel a bit sleepy and go to bed a bit early, around 9-10 o'clock. I watch my cats, and they know that I am back already!!!

The tumor has been successfully removed 100%. I can eat as usual, can breath as usual, can take bath as usual, and read as usual. I can drive already. I need to take good care of my right eye because of the previous facial paralysis that effect my vision, my handwriting, my right hand and my right leg.

I still remember (HUKM), previously, I cannot walk, and eat in ICU. It takes about three weeks to one month for me to start walking as usual. I still use a wheelchair to help me to walk, go to washroom, or my room. I can't move a lot at that time because I still feel imbalance.

After that three weeks, I started my physio at HUKM for physical/walking therapy, working therapy, and speech therapy. At that time, there were some words that I cannot say. Actually, the physiotherapist have done a good job in their field. They helped a lot of most patients already.

When I have my second surgery in LA, USA, I can even eat and walk in ICU. And after I've moved to normal ward, (I am in ICU for about three days) I can climb the stairs already, speak as usual, walk as usual, eat as usual, go to the bathroom as usual, without the hands of the nurse/my mother. I am in the hospital (Saint Vincent Medical Center) for 5 days only!

How they do it? How they can minimise the risk of post surgery? Although there were CSF leaks after the surgery. I believe that they have the techniques and expertise that we can learn. (If Malaysian Doctor want to learn la...)

Our country lack of such expertise and experiences in this field. What we have now are the techniques that most Malaysian hospitals learned from them a long time ago and cultivate it in our country.

I will upload the photo for you guys once I've settle with the internet problems. Believe in ALLAH S.W.T!!! Take good care guys!!!!!


  1. I'm glad that you finally had this surgery and experienced the standard of care at SVMC. If I just tell people about Acoustic Neuroma surgery at HEI, they will listen but not fully believe until they have experienced it.

  2. Yvonne, there is one Malay man, that his wife is going to have a surgery at the same place by the same doctor Rick Friedman (at HEI) after a story about me came out in Berita Harian. He choose 29 November next week as the date of surgery. Doctor Rick is very busy, and yet he can communicate to us even in his busy schedule!

  3. Welcome back to Msia and to blogging too:-)

    There is really a huge difference btw the first and second surgery. The speed of the recovery is tremendous this time.

    God Bless that you have know the great doc and his medical team from Yvonne.
    And of course thanks to the nice and kind ppl out there who has donated the fund for the surgery.

    Take care and keep in touch with you soon.

  4. glad to hear of your successful surgery & wish you a speedy recovery.

    the only way malaysia will have a good acoustic neuroma surgical centre is when some senior politician suffers the same problem. just like how IJN came about.

  5. Nice to hear that you're fully recovered. Syukur Alhamdulillah... Can't wait to see the photo.. :)

    Yanty, MELAKA.

  6. Joanne.. thank you to you too! You helped me a lot in the journey!

    Doc.. It is true. Well, Msia can proud with IJN. However, a muslim scholar from Msia has had went to USA for his heart problem, he prefer this doctor rather than IJN! I think he don't believe in Msian doc for heart problem.

  7. alhamdulillah..awk da selamat. tc