Friday, 17 February 2012

Facial nerve

The image below is a facial nerve, which invole muscle for taste & sensation, facial expression for smiling, eye movement & etc.

There are three types of surgery for Acoustic Neuroma. Translabyrinthine, Middle Fossa, & Retrosigmoid. Every approach has the risks. HEI uses Translabyrinthine surgery approach for my case.

After a surgery of Acoustic Neuroma, there is possibly temporary facial paralysis. Some call it as Bell Palsy. Bell Palsy can happen because of infection & etc, and one of it is brain tumor (Acoustic Neuroma). It took experience and skill neurosurgeon when it involve brain tumor.

The tumor is a slow-growing. It will affect the surrounding nerve as the tumor growth. However, at HEI, size is not a problem for them because they are experience in this field and focus to do research for future generation. HEI pioneer in ENT since 1946, a private non-profit organisation.

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