Thursday, 23 February 2012

A story of En. Shuhaimi and Pn Hidayah Cynthia in Berita Harian

Last year, as you all know, I went to House Ear Clinic, Los Angeles, CA with one objective, ie, to remove the entire tumor. The fact that I raise fund for my surgery in order to remove the entire tumor at USA had captured the eyes of En Shuhaimi and Pn Hidayah Cynthia.

I do realise that not so many people willing to share their story. When I try to search about the illness, the cure, the medicine makes me wonder, am I the only one who have the tumor? Why me? Only then, when the story come out, so many people has come forward and say that, "Hei, I also have the same problem..what to do?"

Only those with a brave and strong heart willing to do this. And because of this, there are many ways to share it.

Yvonne, you have a strong heart!


  1. I also asked myself the same question many years back but now I realise that it's a test and not everyone gets this test from Him. We are the chosen one. Count your blessing.

  2. Syida,

    Yes, it takes alot of courage to share what you all went through.

    Well done to you and Pn Hidayah too!

  3. ya,saya pun 'mengidap' AN kat telinga kiri. Saiz 1.8cm x 0.8 x 0.75. Jalani Stereotatic radiosurgery di HKL bulan March 2012 lalu. Alhamdulilah .Mmg merisaukan. Telinga kiri dah tak dengar,muka kiri dah mula rasa kebas2.Memang ujian Allah swt tu bemacam jenis.Mungkin ujian terhadap kita tak sehebat mana.Wallahhualam


  4. Setiap orang ada mcm2 dugaannya. Dan dugaan yg diberi ada bermacam tujuan yg kita sendiri tahu and mungkin kita sendiri tak tahu. Wallahualam.

  5. Can I know, you loss of hearing before surgery or after? How was the tumor? Shrink? Completely removed?