Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What to do if do nothing with AN?

Acoustic neuroma is a slow-growing tumor. It is a benign tumor, means that it will not metasize to the other part of the bodies. The AN can be life-threatening if it is not well treated.

The doctors/physicians may suggest to you to "watch and wait" through annual MRI Scan & etc. Here is the part that most people dislike, i.e., "watch & wait", because it involves uncertainty of future and a cost associated to it. It may growth or there is no growth. It may also shrink.

If the tumor is small, then most doctor will suggest to "watch and wait" approach, through annual MRI Scan. However, it depends on the symptoms that you are facing with. Sometimes, even though it is small, but the symptoms are severe, than the surgeons might suggest for surgery/radiation to slow the tumor from growing or get rid of them. All depends on your individual cases. Second opinion is possible.

Those people who are under "watch & wait"; you have to monitor yourself for your health. Watch out for your blood pressure, your lifestyle, your nutrition’s/diet, exercises & etc.

1) Don't worry too much because it might increase blood pressure. If you are stress, you know what best for you.

2) Your lifestyle. Try to live happily. You can have a pet (because it is good for you!), gardening, watch video, sings out loud (hehehehe) and anything that makes you happy.

3) Your diet. You can eat anything you like, but try to balance it. Have a good/balance diet or a good immune system for your body. Eat fruits (such as Apple & etc) and vegetables (such as Broccoli & Etc); eat supplementary for your diet.

4) Exercises/sports - such as Yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, dancing, bowling, ping pong, cycling and etc. It depends on your balance. Most activities are good for you because it involves balance, focus and etc, but it depends on your priority. If you like games, you may try Nintendo-Wii, a game that involves balancing, focusing and coordinating.

After all, it depends on you!

"Tai Chi"

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