Thursday, 8 March 2012

What to do if you have the symptoms?

There are many things you need to consider if there are symptoms of brain tumor, especially Acoustic Neuroma. Headaches/Hearing loss is one of the symptoms, however it is difficult to know the reasons as hearing loss can be caused by other factor.

1) Do not panic of the symptoms, because if you get panic, you may not be able to think wisely.

2) Go and see a doctor. If you go to see gp, they will give you a medication based on what you tell them. If the problems (symptoms) still persist, then you might need to see another doctor. Perhaps, the doctor at the clinic may refer you to a hospital.

3) When you are in the hospital, tell the doctor about your conditions. When you start feeling the symptoms, i.e, the date, how frequent the symptoms is, family history, what medication do you take, your allergy /reaction to certain drugs or medications.

4) Do some test such as: (Any of it or ALL). Some of the tests are required by the doctor. The tests are:
(a) Hearing test
(b) Audio logical test
(c) Biopsies (as when needed/requested by the doctor)
(d) Laboratories test
(d) Scan (X-Ray, CT scan or MRI Scan)
(e) Etc, which the doctor will request for it

5) From the above tests, the doctor will know the outcome. If the results of the scan show that there is a tumor, then, DON'T PANIC.

6) You might need time for yourself to think and to plan on what to do next, get advices from your friends and most important is to get the advice from those who have the knowledge, and a person who experience it (another patient). If possible get second opinion from another doctor, (the doctor will rely on the scan and the tests).

7) Do a lot of reading about your illness. You can read it by doing a lot of research on the web, or books and etc, because reading from these sources can help you to reduce the feeling of anxiety and it might also helps you to know what will happen to you in the near future.

P/s: I added another link for you guys, ie, (What is Neurofibromatosis)