Friday, 6 April 2012

A Celebration of Life foundation

Dear friends and readers. Do you remember last year, a public charitable foundation that Yvonne is setting up?

She is now working on it and she comes out with the name of the foundation "A Celebration of Life". Now, in order to promote this foundation, she'd like to create a logo to represent the foundation, something that the public can immediately identify and relate to. Are you good at graphics designing? If you are, would you like to help create a logo to celebrate life?

A Celebration of Life foundation will not only assist Neurofibromatosis patients in Malaysia financially. It will also inspire and encourage people to recognize the silver lining and the lessons behind their individual lives.

If you guys out there would like to design the logo with graphics designing, please get in touch with her through her e-mail Yvonnefmn(at)gmail(dot)com. At the same time, if you own a company or business, would you like to consider donating a gift to the volunteers who will help create this logo?

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