Monday, 16 July 2012

USA Journal

Hello friends and readers. How are you guys doing today? I hope everything is good.

My trip to USA last year (October 2011) brings an unforgettable moments and memories to me. Individuals, groups and organisations have come forward and give the amount of helps that I myself cannot imagine it.

I still remember, a group of volunteer came over to my house for a visit in multiple times. The amount of efforts of the group, is countless. In fact, I cannot imagine the amount of support that this group has given to me, including in Malaysia and my trip to Los Angeles. They came to visit me before and after my trip! (Even in the hospital, ICU and also the guest center)

Check out the following link and you may know who I am talking about.

Last week, this organisation was featured in Majalah 3 (TV3), on Saturday night (July, 7), with a topic called "Silent Mentor". When I saw it on TV, and the colour of their clothes, ahhh... I know it already. I stick in front of the TV until the end! They have their own university, which is for the purpose of the medical students to learn, do research and to study about approaches for certain illness and medication.

Love them very much! My visit to their headquarters have open up a story about this group, where do they start, how they started from an individual to large organisation and what makes them different from other organisation.



  1. I am sure Tzu Chi will be happy to know this post from you.
    Your appreciation towards them are wonderful.

  2. Thank you Joanne! You also come and visit me (your family) with Esther last year! Thank you!!