Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hearing test

Hello friends and readers.

Last week, I went to hospital for the doctor's appointment and hearing test. Hearing test was carried out for the purpose of to assess my hearing level after the surgery. I am aware of it already as the doctor at HEI informed it to me before the surgery.

The test showed a total loss of hearing at the right side. I am single sided deaf. I am bless that the left side of my hearing is still considered ok (lah).

The doctor suggested hearing aids & etc. It means, there will be a surgery. The hearing aids is not the normal ones as it involve surgery. I didn't make any decision yet so far as the hearing aids will cost about RM35,XXX (plus minus). The issue is not the cost of the hearing aid *** but also about the future.

My future is very uncertain now. The doctor suggested to me to wait first in order to look and to see the hearing level on my left ear, and monitor it through MRI scan. I still have a constant doctor's appointment in order to monitor my health. I have booked an appointment for MRI scan already, and because the MRI scan is expensive, I need to save certain amount of money.

I still can hear bird chirping, the cats is meowing, the TV, the knocking sound of the door (as my cats always like to bamm the door for no purpose reason). Enjoy the moments!