Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cats for adoption

Hello friends and readers.

I know that I've not written way too long and to update lately. There's many things inside my mind and I want to write it and share it, but couldn't find the rite time.

Here is a picture of a family of cats. The family of cats has been outside of my house, playing, sleeping, they are cute!!! and not to forget, they poop and pee in front of my house. Everyday, I will clean their poops, cause the kittens choose my house.. (Don't know why). I assume the kittens are 2-3 weeks old.

I am staying in an apartment, Level 3, Ukay Perdana and already have cats. For person like me, (with medical condition) it requires an energy to bring the cats down/up for check up and etc. Most of my cats weight 5kg - 9kg. I have that problems, cause I will use my other hands to climb the stairs and so on. I am not able to add another family members (cats) cause of my own condition. So now, I need your help.
Anyone who read this blog, and want to adopt a family of cats, please do so. All 5 cats (the mom and the kittens). The kittens still need the mother to feed them. Message me at (The adoption fee is FOC!!!)

Thank you very much!


  1. Yes. Adopt the Mom too, So the kittens will continue to get adequate nutrition.

  2. Cute..too bad am staying in apartment too. No cats n dogs allow ed

  3. Hope you don't mind me saying, since you have comments moderating turn on, would you mind to yurn off word verification. Really tedious to squint to see yhose funny looking words and numbers. Yhanks