Sunday, 21 April 2013

Four legs with fur

Hello friends and readers.

I know that the name of the post seems to be out of context. I just want to share with you guys on how I cope during the time where I couldn't hear anything.
Few years back before the first surgery, there was an ear infection on my left ear. At that time, there is no ear infection on my right but I could not hear anything from my right side too. I know something is wrong with me. I could not sleep for many nights even though I am so tired. It is because of the ear infection.
I could not hear anything when someone knocked at the door, the sound of the television, the sound of the water, the sound of the rain & etc. At that moment, I just drove to the hospital my self and I don't know if the other driver's is honking because I definitely cannot hear anything. I cannot give my respond because I don't know what is it.
At that time, I will know if someone is at the door by looking at the behaviour of my cats. Cheeky and Cheeby likes to 'smell' the door and 'meowing' at me as if it is adjourn. They helps me a lot in locating something. That's makes me feel extra loving!
Last two weeks, I have a hearing test. The test somehow deteriorated from the previous hearing test. I will have another hearing test for my left ear (every 3 months) to monitor the hearing level.
The surgeon have suggested hearing aids (Cochlear Implant) that needs minor surgery in order to implant it into the brain. The cost of the device is there and do not include the surgery cost. The audiologist suggested to me to hold on with the decision first and monitor the hearing through testing and MRI.

So, I think it is wise to follow the suggestion of the audiologist.
Or go with the other direction? It affects my life eventhough I am a single-sided deaf. When I am at a shopping mall alone, or a place where there will be a lot of people and a lot of noises, I have trouble to vocalise the sound and where it is coming from. I become dumb, because could not respond at the same time. It took me times to think of and to process what people say to me. I read the people's lips, and try to sit in front of them (in a restaurant & etc) and focus exactly on what they say. (Not every body knows signing language). This is not happening during the class as the students will keep quiet and listening to what I teach.
Just smile and wave boys!!!


  1. Hope you get better,syahidah

  2. "Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, are sweeter." John Keats

    Lip reading is hard! Keep at it! I miss a lot in conversations and in public too, but just keep trying your best! :D