Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Health facts about me

Health Facts

Here is a list of my medical history and diagnosis.

1. Left Ear Infection. (March 2010)
2. Acoustic Neuroma (July 2010)

1. Acoustic Neuroma removal at HUKM (Brain Surgery) – took about 12 hours long.

Doctors involve in the above surgery
1. Prof Doc Jegan Thanabalan, Neurosurgery (HUKM)
2. Prof.
3. Doc Kong Ming, ENT (HUKM)
4. Their team

Physical Limitations
1. Right ear deafness.
2. Poor balance.
3. Semi facial paralysis.
4. Stiff Right Leg.
5. Slight Back Discomfort.
6. Tinnitus.


  1. I can't imagine the operation has took about 12 hours long.
    Syida, may I know you took how long to recover from the surgery?

    The surgeon used the traditional or endoscopic method to perform the removal of tumor?

    May I know what is Tinnitus means?

  2. It is a normal operation. That is why it took 12 hours long.

    Tinnitus is a sound like a bee. You will always hear it no matter you are in busy place or quite place. That makes the person cannot hear properly because they cannot seperate the noise. It follows you everywhere.

  3. Normal operation already took so long, how about the actual operation?

    Ooo...that's very annoying if the sound of bee kept buzzing in the ear.

    Syida, I saw the donation is increased! Yeh!! :-)
    Oh yea, Wai Yeen just sms this noon saying that another ex-colleague has donated RM50 to your acc.
    My younger sis will be bank in soon. She might also get her colleagues and boss to help.

    I will post your news into my blog too. Hopefully it helps.

  4. Thank you to you. Dr Rick is very experience in the case like me. It took me a year to find the right surgeon and a suggestion from my fellow friend Yvonne, to realised my self about the surgery. Dr. Rick had done a surgery with a bigger tumor at less than 5 hours. TQVM Joanne!

  5. I believe the surgery is perform with an endoscope whether in Malaysia's government hospitals or at House Clinic. But the surgeons' skills vary and that makes Acoustic Neuroma surgeries in Malaysia so time consuming and risky.

    But I might be wrong. Malaysi is not so backward until we cannot afford to use endoscope to perform surgery, I hope!

  6. Syida and Yvonne,

    Yea, thank God that both of you have found the right doctor to remove the tumor. With his experience in the field, I am sure Syida can be treated.

    But Syida, may I ask frank and direct question to you;
    What if, by Sept or Oct the donation sum is not sufficient, do you have a second or back up plan?

  7. Joanne, for me, I will still go for the surgery and I have to postpone at a later date. There is a lot of work to do to make sure the plan goes as I wish.

  8. I pray hard so that your plan will goes smoothly as you wish.

  9. Dear Syahidah,
    I found your blog through small kucing's blog. I wish you well. May you be able to raise the fund in time for the surgery...