Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Why I need to go to US

Hello guys! How are you out there? It has been 2 days I sat home, with MC and EL for last days.

I have decided to go to U.S to do the surgery because of my future, their experience, their expertise and also to minimise risk. The surgeon and his team give me a support letter from House Clinic.

Second reason why I need to go to US is because I will be subject to multiple surgeries if the surgery is done in Malaysia. I have referred my case to most neurosurgeons in Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Japan, especially in Kuala Lumpur in order to get the second opinion. I gave them my CD's, MRI's report and did ask them the cost incurred for this type of surgery. Most of them give me the answer I must go for surgery and we try to remove the tumor as possible. What about the risk after the surgery? No answer for it guys. At the same time, some of the neurosurgeons did not give me their answer. Guys, the answer is not convincing to people like me because I try to minimise risk, future cost and all I think is about my future.

Every surgery especially in HUKM, will cost me about RM33K-35K. I have incurred the first bill already, and the balance of RM6k is already deducted from my salary. Now, there will be second surgery, by the same doctor and at the same place. There will be a lot of consequences that might happen to me in future. Some of the consequences I have to bear it for the rest of my life and I have already written it in my health facts.

I did explain to my mom why I need to go to US and do the operation. The doctor there is very focus in this case. I search the name and thanks God help me, I found Dr Rick Friedman and his name was also suggested by a friend of mine, ie, Yvonne Foong. There can be a lot of consequences in future and risks associated with it if I do it here. I try to minimise the risk as possible and in order to do it, I must go to US. My mom said to discuss it with me. I have made my decision guys.

I am afraid to tell you guys what I am facing now. I never realised the consequences of delaying the surgery and most of the consequences are in front of me. The doctor has warned me if I delay the operation. Sometimes I cough when I drink, I can just eat a slimy food in order to help the food to go down to my stomach. Sometimes, I have trouble in breathing, which I myself don't realise it. I feel my walking and balancing are not good as before. When I'm at home, I'll do some exercises. And when I didn't wear any shoes, I try to walk on a straight line but I cannot.

Last Sunday, I met Yvonne Foong at her house, a fellow member who is also a brain tumor patient and also a neurofibromatosis 2 patient, is also willing to help me to raise fund. You also can read about her through her blog at The surgery that I plan to do will commence on this September or October, if I get enough fund. Yvonne is also raising fund for her to go to NIH, US. Help Yvonne and myself.

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  1. I understand. The symptoms can be very insiduous, by that it means they can arise and become part of your life very gradually without you even realizing it. Before you know, you would have adapted and accepted the swallowing difficulty as a part of life. Then you read and find out that this swallowing difficulty is a sign that the tumor is getting worrisome. The swallowing difficulty is a signal that the tumor is entering a dangerous stage.

    That's why it's important to read and understand our tumors so that we know what to look out for, how to monitor them.