Monday, 24 October 2011

Dr Rick Friedman & House Ear Clinic

Hello guys! How are you today? I hope you are going good today!

I have met with Dr Friedman, of House Ear Clinic for my doctor's appointment and CFS leaks. Finally, there were no more leaks anymore that comes out from my nose.

There were patients around the world, from Korea, Japan, Russia, UAE, Arab, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Mexico, just because they want to meet these doctors! Even from USA!

It is worth it because it happens once in a lifetime guys! Feel it guys! It is about your future and your journey! I can't imagine if the surgery is done in Malaysia, whereby I might be subjected to multiple surgeries, the after-post surgeries cost that no one can imagine. At the same time, I've seen doc Jag from Prince Court Medical Center, Glean Eagles Medical Center, UMMC, UKMMC where I have to wait for the recovery, and I feel my health is worsening for every time of the surgery.

The comfort, the future, the healing power of the doctors irrespective of their believe, place or origin helps us a lot in our journeys! They don't need to be told that they are doctors but they become doctors because they want to heal most people and saving life-quality life!


  1. alhamdulillah... praise to the almighty..lps ni mungkin bole try the healing power of habbatussauda-black seeds.


  2. alhamdulillah...i am very happy to hear about your progress. be strong and get well soon! :-)

  3. Habbatussauda memang saya makan juga!!!

  4. syukur alhamdulillah....Allah permudahkan segalanya. Lega dpt tahu perkembangan awak...

  5. Syida wat per skrg..i miss u..
    bila boleh kita berjumpa semula ye...
    take care dan jangan lupa makan ubat ye.

  6. salam, tumpang tanya. an ni boleh lead kepada strok ke? sekadar bertanya :)

  7. Acoustic Neuroma will not lead to stroke.

  8. salam...u dimana skrg...dah balik msia ke