Sunday, 27 March 2011

Visits to a hospital

Hello there. How are you guys today? Hope your day will be full with fruitful moment.

I visited a very close friend (my heart and lung, hehehe) and I sleep there to accompany her at the hospital. She is also accompanied by her sister. She was admitted to the hospital because of infection in her blood. I pray for her to remove all her pain. At this moment, I do really hope that she is going to recover soon. Thank to God, she heard me and now she was being transferred from High Dependency Unit (HDU) to normal ward.

It was best to receive that all supports are from all friends out there, to come and visited her last few days. Whenever someone had come, I do pray to the God that all my friends out there, whether related or not, will have the best health and the best condition, including the family.

Friends out there, please pray for her now, and hope that she will be discharged soonest today.

Thank you very much.

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