Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Help and support

This is my first time for me to write in a blog. I try to raise fund in order for me to do the next operation. The next operation (brain operation) is somewhere in August and September 2011.

I plan to do a nice t-shirt for the fund. I am now, still looking for a t-shirt supplier and hopefully, this project will be here soon.

At this moment, I would like to share with you my account number number, which is Maybank 164 098 002 029.


  1. Salam Shida, remember me?? Rafie (x-HEP Staff). Dah dapat supplier x?.. Saya ada satu. Saya pn skrg wat advertising include t-shirt printing. Other else, make it graphic design, printing for Banner, Bunting, Business Card etc. this my number 019-2545433.

  2. Syahidah needs help to design the tee.

  3. Rafie, can you design the t-shirt. A simple one will do. Can you send the design to T-shirt color putih atau white cream. I try to raise fund (for operation).