Monday, 28 March 2011

Second brain tumor operation

Hello there guys. I just back from a hospital and met with the doctor. He gave me a DVD on my brain MRI Scan. He knows that I am going to look for second opinion. He just need to know what will be my decision only. He was kind and nice guys.

My Pay Pal account is the same as yahoo. For the past two days, I received several missed calls from oversea. May be from the Pay pal and they want to confirm the number and etc.

I wish all my friends out there, who read this blog, will have a happy life, healthy and strong. Thank you very much.

Once again, thank you.


  1. Hey Syahidah.

    God bless Dr. Jegan! He sounds like a helpful and open-minded surgeon. I am glad that he would release your MRIs as a softcopy. My friend whose surgeon works at UMMC is not so lucky.

    Now, you may send a copy of the CD to Dr. Friedman. Do remember to make a copy of it so that you may, at any time, get a 3rd and 4th opinion by making more copies to be sent to other surgeons if you want.


  2. Hello there Yvonne.

    I am going to send it to Dr Friedman, try to send it by this week.

    If you need anything, let me know ye.

    Take care girl.


  3. Miss syida, miss you so much !!
    Always pray you will recover strong !!!


  4. Ain.. Take care juga. Miss you girl.

  5. salam syidah, apa khabar? aku terbaca post anim tadi kat wall x-samjey. semoga tabah ya... hanya moral support dan iringan doa saja yang dapat aku sumbangkan buat kau yang sedang berjuang. i just hope there's a miracle for you ma fren. apa yang aku mampu aku cuba bantu.