Saturday, 21 May 2011

Size is not always a problem

Hello guys, how are you today? Hope to hear from you guys with a cheer faces.

I am writing, thinking of what is going to happen to me in the future. Our future is uncertain. But the decision we make now is the only way to help us in the future.

Thanks to Yvonne Foong, she gives an inspiration and encouragement to me. You can also read about her through her blog.

Not to forget, to all my friends out there. All I can say is, I don't have enough pockets, I love you all.

I read about "A mom survives brain tumor to have healthy baby", on ABC News, makes me to read and to know more about her. You can also find it on my facebook. It is about a woman who moves to Los Angeles to find the neurosurgeon, Dr. Rick Friedman and his team, to remove the tumor and keep her life for the child’s sake. She survives!

People always ask me, 'Syida, what stage you are now?' I don't want to answer it and I cannot answer it, because it makes me feel sad. I don't blame them because they want to know about the illness. Maybe they do not know what is Acoustic Neuroma is. There are many types of brain tumor. All I can say is to read and look on the website. Many things you can find on the web now, it is a matter of time or etc.


  1. If I remember correctly, you said that the tumor is a little smaller than 4cm after the November 2010 surgery right? I read that any benign tumor over 3cm is considered malignant.

    A benign brain tumor that is said to be malignant does not mean it grows fast like cancer. Just that it is in the dangerous range. You do need the surgery as soon as possible.

    But not so soon until you should just settle for inexperienced surgeons. :)

    Your tumor is big. You need to have surgery as soon as possible. But you still have the time to raise funds for surgery at HEI.

  2. The tumor is still big. That makes me feel sad and more devastated as normal person. In fact, the surgeon (whether it is public and private hospital in KL) that I met, said that, I need to have surgery as soon as possible. HEI here I come!

  3. hey dear ...stay strong ya . My SIL dia cancer stage 4 and the tumor berada di saraf tunjang nye ai lupa apa nama tumor tew . If u ada baca blog ai ..u akan tahu yg dia dah 3 bulan di hosp and dah 5 kali operate alhamdulillah keadaan dia stabil ...and kami semua doakan dia agar cepat sembuh

    ini semua kuasa tuhan and kiter tak patut give up ...kiter kena ikhtoar sehabis mungkin . Insyaallah itew semua di tangan Nya

    i hope u pun stay strong ya ...sebab ada banyak survivor out there . Bila ai share cerita pasal Norma ramai org kasik respon and willing to share their story and ramai syor kan pelbagai jenis kaedah rawatan baik rawatan islam n rawatan moden and termasuklah ubat2tan.

    thanks sebab singgah kat blog ai

  4. May I have the account no, please!