Thursday, 19 May 2011

T-shirt & Rainbow Umbrella is on E-Bay too

Hello guys! How are you today?

The selling of T-shirt and Rainbow Umbrella has now enters a new phase. I try to sell it on E-Bay too to get more buyers.

You can also click it on E-Bay website.

It is all for you!


  1. Hi Syahidah,

    Ebay is a good idea but you will need to generate publicity and draw attention to your ebay pages which can be tough. When people search for items to buy off ebay, people are looking for what they need and can't buy from sotres. You are not exactly selling things that people need. You are selling to raise funds for surgery. Those who buy from you will be buying to support you, not because they need the items. I suggest you try advertising through Advertlets and Nuffnang as I have suggested via email last week. These blog advertisers are targetting the Malaysian and Singaporean crowds, mostly. So yiu are more likely to draw the attention of Malaysians who are more likely to support your cause.

  2. You are welcome. I have advetized on Advertlets before in 2007 and garnered quite a lot of support from there.