Monday, 22 August 2011

A lost bird that never learn to fly...

Hm.. Hello guys, how are you today? Hope you guys are in good conditions.

Guys, please don't get wrong of the heading. It is not about Angry Bird toys or whatsoever. It is just a bird and a bird only.

Imagine, there is a bird in front of you. Can that bird talk? You ni, kelakar lah. It is your imagination. (Don't tell me la, because it is your bird). It is up to you to imagine it. (Dodo bird pun bole, even though dodo bird cannot fly). A bird would like to sing, a bird also like to eat, and a bird also like to smile (hehe).

In “Pirate of the Caribbean-At world end” movie, there is a slot where Davvy Jones tells to Captain Jack Sparrow, “Look guys, a lost bird, a lost bird that never learn how to fly...." What will be the answer from Captain Jack Sparrow to Davvy Jones? "It is never too late to learn to fly.." Something like that la..

Maybe Davvy Jones says that to Captain Jack Sparrow because there is a lot of mistakes Captain Jack Sparrow’s did in the past, but still do the same mistakes. Is it...?

Mistakes may happen to us, if you are not ready. But even if we are ready, mistakes still can happen. However, mistakes make us be more careful in future. I cannot imagine how many mistakes I did in my lives.

Is it too late to learn something? The answer, no. What I’m trying to say here to you guys, don't give up! Never say never to yourself! Even a smallest person can change the course of a world.

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  1. Never too late to learn, never too late to unlearn. Mistakes are meant to make us more self-aware, to make us understand which path are more for us, which ideas are more applicable for us. Its only too late when we make it so. So long still living, keep on going, God shall always look after us. In His own ways. We just have to be vigilant. Which way, which sign, which path. Best of luck, and keep on going. ( thumbs up)