Sunday, 7 August 2011

Denise Danial when she was small

The above picture is DD. It is a picture of DD when she was still small. She is very playful. Like my story previously, I took DD from a garbage house near my friend's house.

Now, she was big enough. She is bigger than Cheeky and Cheebie. OMG, when people look at her, people ask me what have you give her to eat?

I gave her just like my other cats too. I gave her kibbles and she just eats it.


  1. She is definitely cute!
    So much diff when I see her the other day.

    You should put up her current photo. Everyone sure loves her!

  2. She is such a sweet little fellow, certainly a great therapy pet! Keep well and take care!

  3. From your act, I could see that you have a kind heart and good soul. Wishing you ALL THE BEST and take care.