Monday, 22 August 2011

Support these person guys

Hello there guys! How are you today?

Guys, you can see that the fund is RM20k already. I started to blog since March and the objective of the blog is to raise fund for my brain tumor surgery. Nothing more.

Many people has come forward and since then, journalist from Malay Mail, TV3, Wanita magazine and recently, a local newspaper has come and visit me at my house to have a story about me. Thank you to you all. At the same time, I get on live show at The Breakfast Show last week, on NTV7.

I also want to thank to this person, that has been in my life, helping me a lot, motivate me, never give up person, and support others as many people as she can. She has a true heart. Keep on supporting her guys, her campaign (Heart4Hope) and in what she do. Thanks a lot to Yvonne.

She also introduced me to Sharon Bakar, a writer and owner of Seksan Gallery in Bangsar, KL. Thank you to Sharon Bakar too.

Not to forget, Mr Randall Stephen from Australia. He helps me in his journey to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and from the selling of his CD's, he channelled it to my fund (RM1,650.00). Thank you Mr Randall Stephen.

Kak Dotty, your cookies are yummy! You helps me a lot too Kak Dotty. A lot of people knowing your cookies now! Thank to you Kak! Hope God blessed you and your family too in anything that you do.


  1. I am really shocked with the increased of donation since the day I knew your condition. It has shot up from 5k plus to the current amount. Hopefully the $$ keep coming in...hehe.

    Of course without the help from the above mentioned ppl, friends and public, the donation will remained stagnant.

  2. Joanne, you helps me too! Thanks a lot!!