Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Doctors appointment today

Hello there guys! How are you today?

Today, I went to see three (handsome) doctors for my appointment, Doctor Marc Schwartz, Doctor Rick Friedman and Doctor Michael Stefan. There was a lot of tests in one day.

There was hearing test, speech test, blood test, physical test, urine and x-ray, before my surgery tomorrow.

The time at Los Angeles will be late about 15-16 hours with Malaysia. So if Malaysia is morning, Los Angeles will be nite. And vice versa.

The surgery will be at 5 a.m tomorrow. Hope that everything will be alright, and hope to see you with my smiling face after that!


  1. salam syida,

    i miss u so much. akak harap syida kuat semangat, tabah dan banyak mengingati Allah..
    semoga operation syida berjaya dan syida diperoleh kesihatan yg lebih baik after this...

    semoga Allah akan memberi kesejahteraan kepada syida dan mak di sana (USA)...amin

  2. Akak pun, take care kak!!!! Muah..!!

  3. Yvonne said "Mom had just called Syahidah' mom in L.A. Syahidah Ishak is out of surgery and asleep in the ICU. :-) Aunty must be relieved."

  4. I spoke to Makchik a few minutes ago. Syahidah is recovering well, woke up already and talking.

  5. Alhamdulillah..syahidah dah sedar, boleh bangun dan bercakap..semoga dapat pulang ke Malaysia dalam keadaan sihat dan selamat...

  6. I visited yesterday, 100% of the tumor has been removed. Syahidah is recovering really fast and well. Speech and memory are intact and she is already doing exercise. Syahidah wants to thank each and everyone of you for caring and prayer for her surgery.