Tuesday, 4 October 2011

See you guys after this

Hello there guys? How are you today?

Tomorrow, I am going to Los Angeles already, with Yvonne and her mom. Thanks to all of you, who have help me a lot (directly or indirectly) in my journey. I will continue to update about me through this blog.

There are so many things in my mind. I could not sleep well. One of my cats (Cheeky) always staring at me as if she is waiting for me to say something to her. Did she knows? Yeah, she knows and so the rest of the cats.

I hope that this surgery will be successful and to recover faster so that I can see you all.

When I look back few months ago (March 2011), it was very very very...difficult to raise funds man. With zero funds need to be raised, and to the objective, it is very difficult man. With your helps, encouragement, it is possible to achieve the objective. Believe in God, keep the faith.

Many people help me. They spread the messages to their friends, to their family, to their brothers and sisters and to people out there. Thanks to you all!

In fact, there were also newspapers who has come to my house, to dig the stories, from a magazine and tv producer (Buletin 1.30 TV3 and The Breakfast Show NTV7). Thank you for giving me a place to talk and to spread the messages. Thank you.

There were also many positive feedback I received through email. (Not to forget, the negative ones). These people encourage me and offer me help, what to do next and so on. In fact, Yvonne helps me a lot!!!!!!

Thank you GUYS!!! May GOD bless you!!!

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