Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Funds Raising for Yvonne

Hello guys..How are you?

My fellow friend, Yvonne Foong, will have a surgery with the expert at HEI, LA, the same place where I went before. She has RM20,000.00 in hands, so she needs another RM80,000.00 to achieve RM100,000.00.

She is an author of a book "I'm not sick, but a bit unwell", an inspiration book, that strikes many Malaysian about her, and genetic disorder that most of us take for granted. The fact that she was totally deaf, and with her conditions, she still manages to helped many people seeking for helps, including me. I understand how she feels now. It is a matter of life. There are many things to consider because it involves the future. We cannot know God plans, but we can do something now. It also involves medical history that only those doctor who familiar in this case can do. Even a decade, HEI still have the same team of doctor. Like my doctor, Dr. Rick Friedman said, "I will be here for you, and I always be here at HEI"

Let spread the words and help Yvonne. She also sales T-shirt and many more. You may contribute to her personally to Maybank savings account 112223202599.

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