Thursday, 29 December 2011

Me and my cats

Hello guys. How are you?

That is the current photo, with me and Saky..Lunch date with her...hehehe.. I'm holding Yvonne's book. Well guys, there is no power for the eyeglasses, I wear it to protect my right eye because I cannot close the right eye since my first surgery.

Cheeky (one of my cats) will started to MEOWWWWWWing...........when I wear the eyeglasses at home and she will keep on MEOWWWWWWing until I remove the eyeglasses. She is very particular (and she always wanted to know what I am doing). I told her, I wear the eyeglasses to protect my eyes from dust and etc.. She keeps on MEOWWWWWing. Maybe Cheeky will have a conversation with the rest of the cats (to update about me-I perasan, macam I best, hehehe) in CATS MEETING... who knows..

Cheers guys!


  1. Hi!
    You look adorable in the glasses. Eugene had to wear an eyepatch for a year as his 6th nerve was damaged and he couldn't move the eye. After several surgeries, that is better but he is still numb on one whole side of his face so he has to be very careful with the eye.
    Good luck and Happy New year!
    love and purrs, Susan

  2. "Pets human best fren", it is indeed true:-)

    Happy New Year to you. Wishing you have all the good health:-)