Saturday, 10 December 2011

Parking space for OKU

Hello guys! How are you? Hope you guys are in good conditions.

The above photo is taken at a parking space Carefour Wangsa Maju. There is one car without a OKU car sticker parked in that space. I guess maybe this person want to go inside Carefour toilet and to pee, possibly. Hahaha... Even those who have OKU car sticker, or OKU (People With Disabilities) did not park there.

They said this car will be clamped, but until I go back to my car (one and half hour later), the car is still there and free to go-the car was not clamped. I don't know, maybe after I go, the car is going to be clamped, or going to be fined! RM100 is nothing to this people, I supposed.


  1. Having laws is one thing. Enforcing them is another. Malaysia is lousy at enforcing laws.

  2. Yes, it's very frustrating to see "scofflaws" get away with their arrogance. Around here, we talk about a car getting a "boot." In Malaysia, you talk about a car getting "clamped." Part of the problem is that the "boot" or the "clamp" is very expensive and the law enforcers don't have enough of those to go around. But a simple parking ticket would do nicely!

  3. Sharon.. thank you for your suggestion.

    Yvonne.. It is true, Malaysia has many laws already, but enforcing the laws is something alse.