Friday, 9 December 2011

Malaysia is my country

Hello guys! How are you? Hope you guys are in good conditions.

Well, lately ever since Dr Rick Friedman of HEI removed the entire tumor, there is a question that is surrounding me always, and in fact, most of you outside there. A question, why can't the surgeon in Malaysia remove it?

Believe it or not, there will be multiple surgeries for Acoustic Neuroma in Malaysia. Like me, the first time I've found the tumor was last year and it was already 4 cm above. The surgery runs for more than 12 hours (at HUKM) but the doctor only manages to remove part of the tumor. It was very sad for me and a very devastating moment. Like it or not, I have to face another major surgery. But I ask myself, what happen if there will be another major surgery because the doctor really cannot remove the entire tumor (without damaging surrounding nerves). Who will be responsible for it? The doctor at the hospital? My friends? Family? The answer is, we responsible to ourselves.

I look for the surgeons. Most surgeons, even in HKL, are afraid to remove the entire tumor and I don't want to take the risk.

My decision to go to L.A, USA changes everything. I've decided to go there. With the help of my fellow friend, Yvonne, the surgeon, Dr Rick Friedman managed to remove the entire tumor. In less than 9 hours, his team manage to remove the entire tumor.

The same surgeon, Dr Rick Friedman and his team managed to remove 6.2 cm tumor! It was the biggest tumor ever removed in HEI! The patient, Hidayah Cynthia able to walk again after a few months using a wheelchair, after the first operation at HUKM last few years ago has failed, and left her being unable to walk.

How do they do it? How they can minimise the risk? How they remove the entire tumor in one operation? There will be multiple surgeries in Malaysia for 6.2cm Acoustic Neuroma tumor. What went wrong with our surgeons? Is it because of money? Is it because of skills/experience? Is it because of politic matter? I believe we have spent time and money for training. Do we like to look our own patients to go elsewhere around the world to look for the best surgeons? Does our surgeons lack of experience/skills? I believe they are... Don't be mad at me, but look at the truth, and put aside your ego for a moment. Improve the standard.

It sounds like I'm questioning Allah, rite? No guys, I am a Muslim. I accept the way I am now, that what Islam teaches me. The above questions are for us to find the answer. It has been many years already.

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  1. Cik/Puan,

    Saya Khairul Hanim yang call dari Kemaman bertanyakan tentang Acoustic Neuroma nih...

    Terima kasih atas penjelasan yang telah diberikan..